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For any Queensland brewers out there, below are the details of the upcoming Queensland Homebrew Competiton, to be held in October 2003. This info was kindly e-mailed to me by Graham Sanders, the organiser. He says that, as it is a true Qld comp, you don't have to be a member of a club, or affiliated with an organisation to enter. As it is free entry, you'd better put some special ones away for October!

Cheers - Snow.


01 October 2003

ENTRIES CLOSE......... 5.00 pm Wednesday, 01 October 2003

JUDGING .....................................................04 October 2003
to 18 October 2003

Competitors and the public are more than welcome to attend the judging

HEAD STEWARD: Graham Sanders
STEWARDS: Members of North Queensland Craftbrewers



Venue: The judging will be conducted by an extended panel
during October at venues decided by the panel. For details contact any
member of North Queensland Craftbrewers during October.

Entry: All entries (including completed entry forms, wrapped
around one appropriate bottle and secured must be received at a Homebrewers
Warehouse Store or affiliated Home Brew Shops prior to 5.00 pm Wednesday 01
October 2003.

Entry Fee: Free - No Entry Charge

Consignment: Entries (securely packaged) should be consigned to:

Chief Steward
QLD Brewing Competition
Homebrewers Warehouse
8 Whitehouse Street

pH(07)47790950 e-mail-via

Bottles: Entries shall consist of one (1) bottle of around 600
ml capacity (or greater) or two (2) bottles of a lesser capacity but
equaling approximately 600ml. All bottles should be securely labelled. Pet
(plastic) bottles will be accepted. No restriction other than minimum
capacity applies to the bottles.

Upon receipt all bottles become the property of
North Queensland Craftbrewers unless prior arrangements are made for their
collection after the event. Please indicate on the entry form if you wish to
collect your bottles.

Judging: All judging will be conducted under the Head Steward's
supervision by the blind taste method. All beers will be judged against how
well they meet the style they are trying to copy. Judges will only complete
one judging sheet and must agree on the score, using the Craftbrewers
Judging Sheet. A copy of the judging sheet is available upon request if you
wish to see how the beers will be judged. Judges will be encouraged to give
very detailed reports to help all brewers improve their brewing skills.

Entries All beers entered must be nominated against a
specific style. Examples of typical style guidelines can be found on our
website www.craftbrewers.org under the competition section. If you do not
have access to a computer, your local library has free internet access.

If you cannot access a computer please contact
your local homebrew shop, or myself, Graham Sanders (07) 47 734652 and I
will forward details to you.


Your entry must be a known style of beer. Guidelines can be found on our
website www.craftbrewer.org , as well as brewing magazines and homebrew
shops. If you have any doubts about a style, you can contact the Chief
Stewart, Graham Sanders, e-mail [email protected], or phone (07)47
734652. The organisers will make every effort to contact any entry that is
received without enough details, or to clarify which style of beer it is,
otherwise it will be allocated a category as the organisors believe is best
appropriate from the information supplied.

There is no restriction per entrant on the number of entries, but organisors
reserve the right to limit entries to a reasonable number to avoid
over-representation by any individual.

To keep costs down and have free entry, no prizes will be forthcoming. However, a certificate will be e-mailed to all qualifiers, medal winners and place getters. Judging sheets will be mailed or e-mailed to all entrants.

Certificate winners will be entitled to enter the National Competition in November.

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