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Gday all.

Did my first partial mash on the weekend after knocking up a quick copper manifold to fit in a spare fermenter as a mash tun. Big thanks for all the good tips on the site about how to make the manifold, and also the tip for insulation - big-up bubble wrap!

I brewed a Grumpys guiness copy, it had 2.5kg of grain in it, some hops and I added a can of Coopers light LME (1.3kg) and WYeast 1084.

I'm definitey going all-grain after I get the last couple of months of uni out of the way, but I have to say, the smell of the grain, and the sweet wort running out.... mmm beautiful!

I want to know how my efficiency went, so I downloaded promash and chucked some numbers in. Obviously i dont know what grains were in the bag from grumpys, but i assume they were a mix of roasted and pale barley.

For all the experts out there, does it look like I went about this the right way?
Roasted Barley --> 2.5kg
Coopers LLME --> 1.3kg

For a 23L batch it says a SG should be ~1037 for 75% efficiency.

My actual SG was 1042. Does this seem a good SG for a stout, and are the differences in SG due to better efficiency than 75%, or different grain, or something else?

Bring on AG!



Roasted barley 2.5kg sounds wrong, make it 2kg pale, .5kg roasted barley 7 the numbers should be closer to what you got

1.5Kg * 303/23 = 20 points
2.0Kg * 222/23 = 19 points
0.5Kg * 201/23 = 4 points

Ttl points 43 or OG 1043

Jovial Monk

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