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Good day all b4 anyone jumps on saying this is a brew forum. I am posting in off topic section and this is where I usually am when on the net. I am getting married in a few weeks and my parents are coming over from Ireland. My dad has been racing pigeons since he was 13. He has about 350 birds. Has won many a race and had article's in magazines including a aus magazine. When we were young all of our holidays were driving holidays usually heading for France, Belgium, Holland and stopping at different places through England. On these holidays there were always lots of pigeon men stops. Very smart looking back now two birds with one stone.
My question is does anyone know any pigeon racers in the Brisbane area that my dad could meet and talk birds to?
This is my dads love and I know that meeting a like minded fancier would make his trip over here a good one.
Thanks Jameson :)

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