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Perth: Swap: Chinese Faucets and shanks (2x) & ABS Bronco

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Perth, WA
For swap,
2x Chinese faucet shank assemblies (complete, well dismantled atm and cleaning - will reassemble for you)
removed yesterday from my working kegerator (upgraded)
Edit: until my new handles arrive they will be handless - but still work!

Looking for either:
a couple of your finest,
or some wheat grain (KG or 2),
or some pilsner malt
or some euro lager hops (at least relatively fresh - pellets preferred).

Good way to be pushed into kegging.
Taps work fine, but are sensitive to overcarbed kegs, and can get stuck if not cleaned / or used regularly.
Recommend 5mm ID line (if you want my old line I will throw that in too).

Also have an ABS plastic bronco tap on offer (used once 2 xmas ago):
Swap for
some euro hops - pellets
or a 0.5KG of wheat grain
or some of your finest.

First PM in (by timestamp) is a winner, if two persons want to share the prize #1 then negotiate between yourselves and let me know and you can have one each. No sharing of the bronco tap prize will be permitted :p

Pickup Perth Northern suburbs, would consider delivery in and about same area - I am in postcode 6024.


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