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Only 5g of yeast in Black Rocks kit?

Discussion in 'Kits & Extracts' started by unyeasted, 14/4/19.


  1. unyeasted


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    Albany, Western Australia
    Posted 14/4/19
    Hey all,

    Was meaning to ask for a while now what everyone's thoughts are on Black Rocks kits having only a 5g pouch of yeast with them. Surely that's setting us up for an underpitch, or am I missing something? I'm fairly new to brewing, so still trying to make sense of the basics.

    The kit I got was a nut brown ale. Used amber LME and about 200g of coopers no3 enhancer. Steeped 25g of fuggles, too. My previous two beers have given off unwanted apple flavours, and I'm just learning that underpitching and/or over temp will cause this. First was definitely over temped, second fluctuated temp a fair bit, both with coopers kit yeast (a lager, and a real ale). I fear I'm heading to this being my third apple-y brew in a row. Only bottled it a couple of days ago, so I have a while to see.

    Cheers in advance legends

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