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Big shout out to all the old crew when Haysie was around. Melbourne Brewers, Brendo, Fourstar, many names escape me, one was a great brewer who swamped the company scene for a few years and ended up running a pub Woodend or Kyneton way, can’t forget the ever nonchalant Andy D, Jure at Kegking aka Arthur here whom him and I experimented immensely in the early days, insinkerators lol. All the great guys around the country I met, BribieG Fatgodzilla Pistol and so many more. Still been brewing for all these years but a a bout of jack dancer did slow me down a lot. Still running a 4V brewery but dumped all those whacky ideas of no chill and PET fermenters along time ago. Just brew grouse seasonal beer these days, non comp but can still spit out most clones. So many people I remember and probably disagreed with at one time or another, that’s life. Gday Razz as well 👍. Will jump in and say g’day occasionall. Cheers to you all 🍻

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