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Hi All,

Following are the results from the NSW Comp judged last Saturday. Congratulations to all the winners!

(1) Low Alcohol

(1) Low Alcohol Eng. Dark Mild Ray Mills Bulli 125.5 1st
(1) Low Alcohol Scottish Light Gary Goodwin Caringbah 119.5 2nd
(1) Low Alcohol Aust. Light Mark Gillman Bathurst 112.0 3rd
(1) Low Alcohol Scottish Light Darren Robinson Cherrybrook 106.5
(1) Low Alcohol English Light Mild Chris barker Davidson 101.5

(2) Pale Ale

(2) Pale Ale Kolsch John Bartle Caringbah 114.0 1st
(2) Pale Ale American Pale K & A Rowland Balmain 111.0 2nd
(2) Pale Ale California Steam Beer Kevin O'Neill Thornleigh 108.0 3rd
(2) Pale Ale Irish Red Ale Barry Cranston Panania 108.0
(2) Pale Ale American Pale Ray Mills Bulli 108.0

(3) Bitter

(3) Bitter Eng. Ord. Bitter P R Symons Oatley 106.5 1st
(3) Bitter Aust. Bitter Gary Goodwin Caringbah 100.0 2nd
(3) Bitter Aust. Bitter Alan Halloran Castle Hill 93.5 3rd
(3) Bitter Aust. Bitter Evan Holmes Nth Epping 90.5
(3) Bitter Aust. Bitter Jo Kable Caringbah 89.5

(4) Dark Ale

(4) Dark Ale Robust Porter Barry Cranston Panania 123.0 1st
(4) Dark Ale Robust Porter Corin Bone Glebe 121.0 2nd
(4) Dark Ale Robust Porter Ray Mills Bulli 119.5 3rd
(4) Dark Ale Robust Porter Laurie Murphy Emu Heights 105.0
(4) Dark Ale Aust. Old Peter Shanks Dural 104.5

(5) Strong Ale

(5) Strong Ale Imperial Stout Gareth Smith Kelso 129.0 1st
(5) Strong Ale I.P.A. Chris Lowe Thornleigh 127.5 2nd
(5) Strong Ale Strong Scotch Ale Peter Myers Girraween 127.0 3rd
(5) Strong Ale English Barley Leon Reinsma Hillsdale 122.0
(5) Strong Ale Scottish Wee Heavy Warwick Little Wagga Wagga 120.5

(6) Stout

(6) Stout Sweet / Milk David Birt Randwick 112.0 1st
(6) Stout Foreign Extra Barry Cranston Panania 111.0 2nd
(6) Stout Dry Stout Maurice Ripley 109.0 3rd
(6) Stout Dry Stout Beavis O'Hilleary Seven Hills 99.0
(6) Stout Other - Liquorice Corin Bome Glebe 98.0

(7) Pale Cont. Lager

(7) Pale Cont. Lager Marzen Barry Cranston Panania 115.5 1st
(7) Pale Cont. Lager Nth German Pils Tony Tribisonna Winston Hills 111.5 2nd
(7) Pale Cont. Lager Helles Peter Wadey Eastwood 110.0 3rd
(7) Pale Cont. Lager Bohemian Pils Peter Shea Peakhurst 105.5
(7) Pale Cont. Lager Dortmunder Export Mark Gillman Bathurst 105.0

(8) Dark Lager

(8) Dark Lager Munich Dunkel Stephen Kinkade Old Toongabbie 119.0 1st
(8) Dark Lager Munich Dunkel Phillipa Jarrett Bathurst 117.0 2nd
(8) Dark Lager Dunkel Barry Cranston Panania 115.0 3rd
(8) Dark Lager Schwarzbier Ray Mills Bulli 108.0
(8) Dark Lager Schwarzbier Jo Kable Caringbah 106.0

(9) Strong Lager

(9) Strong Lager Maibock Barry Cranston Panania 102.5 1st
(9) Strong Lager Traditional Bock Laurie Murphy Emu Heights 99.5 2nd
(9) Strong Lager Traditional Bock Chris Barker Davidson 93.0 3rd

(10) Other Lager

(10) Other Lager Australian David Bode Leeton 115.0 1st
(10) Other Lager Australian Shawn Miles Girraween 114.5 2nd
(10) Other Lager Australian Graham Broderick St Clair 100.5 3rd
(10) Other Lager Australian Bram Baker Girraween 75.0
(10) Other Lager Australian Ian Coleman Kenthurst 73.0

(11) Wheat

(11) Wheat Weisenbock Adam Finch Glebe 116.0 1st
(11) Wheat Bavarian weisen Lorraine Young Earlwood 104.5 2nd
(11) Wheat Bavarian weisen K & A Rowland Balmain 99.0 3rd
(11) Wheat American Wheat Gerard Meares Nrth Ryde 95.5
(11) Wheat Bavarian weisen Tony Tribisonna Winston Hills 94.5

(12) Belgian / French Specialty

(12) Belgian / French Dubbel Peter Myers Girraween 115.5 1st
(12) Belgian / French Belgian Strong Golden Ale Beavis O'Hilleary Seven Hills 114.0 2nd
(12) Belgian / French Belgian Strong Ale Leon Reinsma Hillsdale 111.0 3rd
(12) Belgian / French Belgian Pale John Bartle Caringbah 109.0
(12) Belgian / French Belgian Strong Golden Ale Paul Rhodes Girraween 108.0

(13) Fruit / Herb

(13) Fruit / Herb Mango Lager Graham Broderick St Clair 96.5 1st
(13) Fruit / Herb Chilli Dark Lager Gary Goodwin Caringbah 83.5 2nd
(13) Fruit / Herb Smoked Porter Ray Mills Bulli 80.5 3rd

Shawn Miles


Doctor's Orders Brewing
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Thanks Rook.

I'm more happy with my Gold Medal for my Oktoberfest in the Qld comp though. Another half point and I would have been equal for best beer.
My Robust Porter also placed in Qld.

I'll be using the Qld comp as qualifing for the Nationals and will be entering both those beers.

How did everyone else do in the NSW, Qld, SA, Act, WA comps ??



Beer me up, Scotty!
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My tripel got a 3rd in the QLD comp. My Irish ale scored highly (42.5) but didn't place.

Does anybody know where to get the application forms for the nationals? It isn't on the AABA website and they won't answer my e-mails.

- Snow


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Good on ya Snow!

It's nice to see a Qld qualifier that is actually a Queenslander!

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