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November Meeting Reminder

Discussion in 'Fraser Coast Bayside Brewers' started by HBHB, 22/10/14.


  1. HBHB

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    Dundowran Beach, Hervey Bay
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    Posted 22/10/14
    7:00pm Friday evening, 22/10/14 @ Hervey Bay Home Brew

    We'll be judging all of the beers made under the Hop Challenge.

    Bring along 2 Bottles of your entry. 1 for Judging & 1 for sharing.

    We'll also be making arrangements for the club Xmas Party.

    Visitors are more than welcome. Bring along a comfy chair if you wish, friendly attitude, an open mind to learning and a bottle of your home brewed pride and joy or else grab a single bottle of a decent craft beer. Members start to arrive at 6:00pm & the official meeting is usually over and done with in 20-25 minutes. The rest of the night is all about brewing & beer.

    More details are available on 07 4128 2033
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