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No Chill In A Fermenter

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Barley Bomber
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Medowie , NSW
Not very much to change. Follow sanitary practice.
As always, sanitise the cleaned ferment vessel.
Add the wort as hot as possible, but no need to invert/splash the interior of the sanitised stainless vessel.
Ensure the kettle tap is clean and sanitised. I usually run about a litre of boiling wort into my jug after adding the Brewbrite, and return to the kettle.
Sanitise the hose when sanitising the stainless vessel.
Only have the lid open enough to fit the fill hose into the vessel.
Try to have the hose long enough to reach the bottom of the fermentor and minimise splashing.
Cover the lid and hose with the fresh clean towel while draining the wort.

Remember that dust/wild yeast/bacteria mostly travel by gravity (and air currents), so cover the opening of the vessel to minimise unintended bug transfer to the wort..

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