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Hello all, I'm the new boy, the administrator gave me permission to join. I have many questions regarding brewing.
Firstly, me, well aged, have plenty happening in life and enjoy a good beer. My family bought me a home brew kit in March because I returned the Golf GPS I had bought myself for xmas that really never got off the ground. They felt sorry for me as I essentially got nothing for xmas.
Becoming a home brewer (or reborn as it was 20 years ago the last brew I put down) has been enlightening. I have jagged some absolute pearlers, my first Bock, screamingly great beer, and my first Irish stout, was given a 11 out of 10 by two separate tasters.
The beer I've been drinking since starting is some best I had and would not be tempted back into the bottle shop easily.

Having such early success had me landing with a real thud when I produced a dud.
How and why? I shall go into and hopefully get some understanding from the help of this forum.
I currently have a fresh wort kit almost ready to bottle and my first conversation here is, What are the upside/downside of the fresh wort kits (15l) vs the can/malt kits.
Price is one and have just spent time doing the costing from one outlet to another that is near me. I can make a 6 dollar saving in one over the other, it all counts, I guess.
Without rambling on for two long, I shall leave it there for the mo, and hopefully get some responses to the above.


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Hey mate, welcome aboard!

This should really be in the Kits/Extracts section where it would get more responses. The AHB Marketplace is for trading amongst members.

As for your questions, this kits or extract + hops and specialty grains allow for more experimentation and flexibility as well as being a little cheaper.

The FWK's are an awesome idea for time strapped brewers, but keep you very boxed in, going to extract will require more time (1-2 hour per brew) but give you the opportunity to make your own recipes.

All grain for the folks really keen on spending 4-8 hours per brew and have the space/equipment.

To answer the question, I would recommend doing a combination of both extract and FWK's to keep beer readily available.