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I've decided to go ahead and adapt and decorate a freezer into a new bar. I've looked at some of the examples in people posting their setups and had some inspiration from them.

Basic plan is a chest freezer with a wooden surface on top with a single font with some taps coming off it & Drip tray underneath.

I'm thinking around 3-6 taps depending on the size of the freezer controlled with an STC 1000. A single gas bottle with single regularator and a manifold. I was going to buy some of the flow control Perlic taps. I'm not fussed either way about flooding the font but it might be a nice touch

I don't ahve much knowledge about the taps / fonts / tubing / drilling a hole in a freezer. Current setup is opening the door and using a Pluto gun .

Questions i hope some of you may be able to answer.
Are their any obvious pitfalls to avoid when drilling a freezer cover.

What types of font connections are their. Is there some obvious thing I should be looking for that I have not thought about e.g. the taps will not connect for some reason

Where is a good place to get a font. I have seen some on ebay but a fairly limited amount and mostly limited to 3 tap towers.
I've had a look at companies like Andale who look like they do good work but it also looks pretty expensive to get your hands on some of their equipement.

Is there anything else I am not thinking about that will make this project more difficult than the above.

Thanks in advance.


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Freezer lids should not have any cooling coils in them but they can have power cables running through them including 240v AC so a little caution is advised.

For a font you will need a tower, taps and shanks (probably called a shank elbow or 90 degree shank) Somebody posted the other day a sight where you could build your own tower with the parts you wanted and the price was very competitive. Sorry I don't remember the tread.

It is quite an easy and the results are impressive.