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Hi, I'm from New Zealand and have been brewing off and on since the mid 1970's fermenting in a green plastic rubbish bin but I have progressed from there and I am a bit more up to date of recent. I only do all grain brewing and I have recently bought a RoboBrew that simplifies things for me now instead of using a drink cooler for mashing and boiling up on the bbq. I don't drink a lot but what I do I like it to taste like real beer. My latest brew which is now conditioning is a German Holsten Pilsner Lager and is looking good and tastes very hoppy. I am currently awaiting arrival of some hop rhizomes to plant in the garden and my thoughts are to have a go at malting some organic barley seed that I have just purchased from the South Island........We will see how it goes. Up until now I haven't been very adventurous with different styles but I am now about to change that.......Pleased to be on your forum. :)
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Welcome to AHB Tigermoth. You must have been round the block a few times if you were brewing in the 70s? My old man made beer in a plastic rubbish bin in the 70s, legally only allowed to go to 2.5% alcohol in those days. Have fun brewing.
PS. Love NZ!

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