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From the James Squires website:

Hot on the heels of our challenging summer release Hoppy Hefe comes our Mad Brewers winter offering Ginger Chops Alcoholic Ginger Ale. Have these guys gone truly batty? I hear you say. Well, let me assure you our Mad Brewers are not into following the current trend of sickly sweet ginger beers which are suddenly flooding the market. But these did set our furtive minds fermenting. Ginger is a wondrous aromatic & warming culinary spice which can be a great flavouring ingredient when carefully crafted into the brewing bill.

The trouble with most alcoholic ginger alcoholic beers is.well, they are not really beers. So we Mad Brewers thought it was time to put that right.

This winters off beat concoction brings you the warming glow of spicy ginger, layered on an authentic beer brew boasting a full lashing of malted wheat & barley, rounded out with the subtle addition of an aromatic Australian honey. It wont cure the common cold, but its sure to keep your innards warm this winter, while you doze off and dream of all things ginger.

True to our Mad Brewers ethos of pushing the boundaries we found no need to dial up the alcohol & hops to light your fire this winter. Ginger Chops comes in at a moderate 4.2% ABV. & with a bitterness of 12 BU.

Enjoy our tribute to that little bit of spice in all of us, Mad Brewers Ginger Chops, but be quick before it runs out!

This winter we present Mad Brewers in an exciting new 330ml four pack format with 4x 4 packs (16x 330ml bottles) per case, which will be available in selected good liquor stores nationally from 25 June, as always for a limited time only. Ginger Chops will also be available on tap at the James Squire Brewhouses and Brewbars plus a number of selected bar accounts in each state.

Our brewers recommend you try this beer with a range of Asian spicy dishes.

Recommended retail price is $51.99 per case and $16.99 per 4 pack.


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Should be good. I've quite a few bottles of their "Hoppy Hefe" in storage, shall add this to the list as well.

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