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Yes, you read the topic right. Us northern beaches guys might actually have a decent drinking hole for once that sells 'other' craft beer on tap. The steyne in manly/sydney is opening a craft beer part over the next month or two.

Note that I say this very lightly - the Steyne is normally not my stomping ground, i avoid it like the plague usually.

Somehow through my travels last night i was allowed access through the magical portal upstairs into a small area filled with nice leather seats and a cosy bar with dim lighting and wonderful patrons.

There was a decent 8 tap list that they plan on rotating every month or so based on local craft beers and whats available. Again this was an estimate last night as they are unsure how quickly the kegs will sell etc etc.

Pricing was very decent and going from my very hazy memory taps were:
4 Pines kolsh - $6?
Moa Imperial Stout - $10?
Ekim After Battle Pale - $6?
++ a few others

Next time your in manly and the guys your babysitting say 'lets head to the steyne and find some loose cannons' - there is actually a valid reason for you to say 'sure'.

*note its not 'officially' open yet. So don't head there to soon...
*By decent i mean the beer list. Other patrons at the establishment are still likely to glass you...
*Ladies be warned - you enter clean and come out pregnant...


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Wow, next thing you know Panthers will have a craft bar too

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