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I'm a craftbrewer currently in the 'planning and design' stage for a HERMS brewery. I'm a member of many different brewing groups and forums, lurking on most of them due to a lack of time to participate everywhere. I've been doing a lot of web research, and the thought occurred to me that it would be great if there was a forum dedicated strictly to brewing "equipment". I couldn't find one, so I formed one on YahooGroups called ... what else? ... "BrewingEquipment"!

I know that most people don't have the time to actively participate in more groups than they already belong to, but I would encourage everyone to join this group if only for some occasional participation when they might have equipment issues to discuss. I don't expect the volume of mail to be substantial because this group has such a narrow focus, andI will be moderating it to ensure that there is no spam, off-topic posts, or inappropriate newbie questions that will be already answered in the FAQ page; however, if it becomes burdensome, any member can easily change their option to NOT receive messages or digest, and opt only to visit the site when they wish. Eventually, we should build up a good archive of info specific to equipment, and benefit all brewers.

Of course right now there isn't much there, so please be patient. I've posted a few photos myself, more or less to test it out, and as I write this there is only one other member who just happened upon the group. But with a little time I think it will develop well.

If you have some photographs or a webpage pertaining to brewing equipment, please post them when you have a chance. If you are a supplier of "equipment", please feel free to add a link to the appropriate LINKS page on our group.

The address for anyone interested in joining is:

Thank you.

Bill Velek

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