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Hi guys,

New brewer here in Melbourne and I'm already addicted to the hobby!

I have a basic kit and have done 2.5 brews so far:
-Premium Australian draught using morgans kit and brew booster - this turned out OK, but some bottles were a bit dodgy (soapy taste). The place I was in when I did this had really poor insulation and being Melbourne, the temperature went from about 12C to 38C, the house did about the same so I think thats what wrecked it. In a nicer house now that stays a stable temp :D
-Strongbow apple cider clone kit (looks like a lot of us do a cider for the missus as a bit of a bribe) - this was pretty good, and tastes quite a bit like strongbow (maybe not a good thing :p) the only problem is a lot of syrup in some bottles. Ive been reading the forums here and going to try the apple juice method on here next
-Guiness type stout with steeped grains and hops, been in the primary for almost 3 weeks and will bottle this weekend or next

Looking forward to learning and getting better at the whole process, there is so much to learn! I'm super keen to make something great that I can be really proud of - hopefully thats soon!

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Ferny Grove, Brisbane
Welcome theblackadder (kewl name too - I'm getting a Baldrick quote ready just in case!).

There's a ton of info here for all brewers from kit brewers, to Kit n Kilo (knk), extract, partials and all grain (and every permutation in between) - which is usually the route most brewers take after they have been here for a while.

I started out as a kit brewer many years ago (because I was a poor uni student living in a single parent household) and stuck with it for the taste and fun.