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As this is my first post on your forum, i will start by introducing myself. I live on the island of sardinia (part of italy) and have recently taken delivery of a Braumeister 50l.

I own a small farm here and have just become qualified as an operator of a 'fattoria didattica' - literally translated as a farm school. What i am hoping to do is demonstrate each stage from planting the barley to drinking the beer. I know this is a big challenge... especially as i have never brewed a pint in my life!!

Anyway, as i have been lurking on this forum for a while i noticed a few threads about the Braumeister. I was wondering if anyone who owns or uses one of these machines would be prepared to share their knowledge with me.

I was hoping to find a few folks who would act as 'brew guides' - sitting in (via skype) on brew days and providing help and advice.

Hope this is posted in the right place.


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You should start by looking at all grain brewing (AG), this is what you will be doing on the Braumeister.
Just read and learn the process and the Braumeister should seem a lot easier to use once you undertand what your doing with it.
I dont actually have one of the machines myself, so just take my advice with a grain of salt...

Just make sure you have fun brewing, those first couple of pints may be rough!

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