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Dundowran Beach, Hervey Bay
Hi All,

we will be closed for business on the weekend of 8th/9th July while we relocate to new and much larger premises just up the road.

Hop orders will need to be completed for dispatch on Thursday the 6th July, as the walk in freezer will be decommissioned on Thursday night for shifting on Friday the 7th. Everything SHOULD be back to normal on Monday 10th July.

Things have gotten way beyond cramped here at NHB in the current 200+m shed, so we're moving up to 1 Old Maryborough Rd (Just at the roundabout of Boat Harbour Drive & Old Maryborough Rd as you enter town)

This will give us about 670 sq m of effective space, with some 200m of showroom/retail + 200sq m of dry bulky goods storage, a freight lift, room for a classroom and meeting place for the local hb club, staff kitchen etc. For the brewers, we'll be installing a brewers Library and lounge (call it a daycare facility if you like) Brew On Premises and a Brewery and Taphouse at the rear over the coming months.

Over the next few weeks, there's a dustless milling room being built along with some other bits and pieces.

All contacts etc will remain unchanged.

Martin & Team