My Hoegaarden Clone + My Vanilla Bourbon Porter

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I decided to get a little creative as i hadnt brewed much lately, so i went on a mission to the HB store and bought the following:

Hoegaarden Clone:

ESB 3kg Bavarian Wheat
1x Orange
30g Corander seeds

Vanilla Bourbon Porter/Old Ale

Rapid Creek Old Ale
500g Vienna Grain
150g Black grain
Vanilla Essance
Top Shelf Kentucky Bourbon Essence
1kg dextrose

The Hoegaarden turned out beautiful, my neighbor said it was better than the original, my mate asked for a bigger glass after saying MMMMMM and my older brother said it tasted like i had added sunscreen to the beer..... 2 out of 3 aint bad lol.

The Vanilla Bourbon Porter/Old Ale turned out perfect, it is extremly smooth and rich with hints of bourbon and vanilla.

All in all they were both great and very easy to make


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