my beer has gone watery with little taste "beer coridial" ?

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two kegs i have been drinking have lost all their taste and now you could describe it as beer softdrink...
i make ale and they are LFPA / DSGA type things

large bubbles form on the side of the glass but no head forms
but then sort of drinks flat but little bubbles are forming in the beer

it might even has some carbonic bite ?

one issue may be that i might have a gas leak ?
i turn off my bottle but when i crack it before filling a glass it always pumps in some gas
both kegs would be effected as they are on a split line with the non return before the splitter

also they were very cloudy but have cleared up (had a thread about that)

whats going on ?

they are nearly empty so not such a drama... but i dont want the next one to be crap

it's making me sad on mothers day...

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