My Awesome Weekend Roadtrip For Motley Crue

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Here's a quick run down of my awesome weekend.

I have to start by saying, i live in the south east corner of South Australia, and have been to melbourne plenty of times, but it's always to stay or catch up with relatives. They have a young family like me, and it has been difficult on previous trips to get out and explore the city. I know have a much better appreciation and understanding of it, and i think anyone who lives there should consider themselves lucky with the pub scene.

My weekend started lunch time friday, when the singer in my band picked me up in his HSV Signature Senator. **** that's a nice car.

Pick up the other two band members. Drive to melbourne. Did i say how good the car was???

Arrived at the Metropole Hotel on Brunswick St. Checked in, quick shower and then out on the town.

First stop - James Squire Alehouse. What a ripper of a place. All the beers on tap, had a sticky beak through the glass doors of the brewery, watching the game on tv. Awesome.

Then off to find some tea. It was getting late and the alehouse wouldn't make any more dinners so we found a chinese place - Shark Fin something or rather..Nice food.

Off to another couple of pubs.

Found "The Old Bar" saw an amazing bunch of musos playing. Very different to the music scene i'm familiar with, but very good nonetheless.
Then went to the Night Cat. Wow, awesome 8 piece funk band. Talk about groove....

Wandered back to the hotel, got in at 4am.

Big sleep in, off to a pub for lunch. The Royal Hotel at the end of Brunswick. Kick ass burger and some beer.
Back to hotel room to watch the Cats game.
Quick shower, call a cab, go into city for the gig. Tea at a nice Indian type joint on swan street, then walked to Rod Laver.

Gig kicked ass.

After show, went to another small little place - "The Rainbow Hotel" and saw a small acoustic type folk group who were bloody excellent. Monteith's and LCBA on tap (among other beers). Stayed until they called last drinks, wandered off to get a souvlaki, back to the hotel for more beers...

Vic markets yesterday morning for a quick coffee and some breakfast, and then back in the senator for another great drive home.

Blood fantastic weekend, thank you melbourne for having us. You've got a lot of really cool pubs with a great atmosphere, everyone was friendly, great beer drank.
Can't wait for the next time i come over and explore some more....will bring the wife and kids next time too!


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