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Murrays Belgian Beer Dinner

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Murrays Belgian Beer dinner was on in Manly last night, & i thought i'd share the menu with those that couldn't go. Not to be mean or anything (much!), but just to show the sort of thing that Murrays are doing. I won't bother with giving a blow by blow account of the beers/food except to say that the standouts for me were-

*the barrel-aged Grand Cru. A whole different animal to the standard Grand Cru, far superior in my opinion.
*the barrel-aged Imperious. Probably the highlight of the night. Best beer, best food pairing.
*the Horror. An exercise in insanity. I actually couldn't finish mine, but the flavours were so intense & unique. Unreleasable (i imagine) commercially, it was ideal for a night like last night for people to try something genuinely crazy & special.

Foodwise, the beetroot-cured trout was the pick of the bunch for me.

All-in-all, a very enjoyable night. Great to see the the knowledge & passion for beer that Murray & Shawn& co so obviously have.
Highly recommended.

Murrays Belgian Beer Dinner

Fresh shucked Pacific Oyster with gin & lemon granita

Murrays Libertine - French Farmhouse Ale 5 % abv


Faux Foie Gras Parfait, pineapple ceviche & spiced crackers

Murrays Punk Monk - Belgio Summer Ale 7.5% abv


Beetroot juice cured Ocean Trout, slow cooked &

served on Wasabi foam

Murrays Grand Cru Belgian Tripel/Strong Ale 8.8 % abv


Pork Belly, fennel & saffron Cassoulet

Murrays Barrel Aged Grand Cru


Duo of Passionfruit Gelato & Jelly

Murrays Barrel Aged Imperious - Oak Aged Belgian Blond Ale

11% abv


Hawkesbury River Magret Duck breast, celeriac, candied walnuts, griottes & water cress

Murrays Dubbel - Abbey style Dubbel 8.5% abv


Belgian chocolate mousse & coffee foam

Murrays Belgian Strong Dark Ale - Abbey Style Strong Dark Ale 11% abv


Trio of blue cheese board

Roquefort, Tarago, Gorgonzola

Spiced pear puree, port-soaked figs & biscuits

The Horror:100% Brett-fermented Imperial Stout/12.8% abv

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