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I did a AG milk/oatmeal stout on Tuesday and i used Muntons Dry Ale Yeast. I was wondering has anyone else used this stuff? And how was it?
I pitched it a little warm, at 33 deg C and within 40 mins the airlock was going and after about 2 hours there was about 2 inches of Krusen. The only thing i am concerned about is that this morning (less than 2 full days) the Krusen has fallen back in and the airlock has slowed. I know everthing will be fine as we all have used S04 at some stage and that stuff goes off too.
It should be a great beer, with over 6kg's of grain with the base being Maris Otter and some Roast barley with 0.5kg's of Flaked barley & 0.5kg's of Quick Oats. I reckon i will have to eat this beer with a knife and fork. Although the OG was only 1.055 not quite what i was aiming for as i did not truss Beersmith (again) and over sparged by 2 litres. Anyway i guess the yeast goes off quicker when you ferment a bit warmer, i had trouble keeping it under about 24 deg C. But i will rack after 6 or 7 days and see what happens.
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Pitching at that temperature is a no no. You will probably find that the yeast has taken off too quickly and the wort is mostly fermented now because of the high pitching temperature and highish fermentation temperature. You may end up with a lot of undesirable esters in this beer. I prefer not to ferment above 20 for any beer.

A suggestion for next time, try and drop the temperature down around 20 when you pitch. Fill the bath with water and ice and drop the fermenter in there for a while. For fermenting, I used to stand my fermenters in a 1/2 filled water container with towels wrapped around the fermenter. This kept the termperature down by a few degrees.


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