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Bentleigh Brau Haus
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Ferntree Gully - Melbourne
I havejust opened a bottle of this 12Lt kit lager, I added extra Hops - as most kits are way under hopped for me]

15g in 5 min boil
15 g dry hop Bot Hallertau

used Wyeats Munich Lager, been in secondryfor more than a month... Its turned out nice

Wont bother doing it again, but its clean, smooth, no off flavours, hallertau is nice and firm in flavour and aroma,

it was nothing special but i guess a very good Lager for a Home Brew Kit. I didn't use the Kit yeats so cant comment, and i added extra hops. Maybe without them it would be boring?!?! not sure

Anyway back to the all grain Pale Ale. I see a PA banwagon in my bar for a while as the lagers take a back seat. Goodbye super clean and smooth lager, hello flavour , ease, and speed or nice pale ales

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