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Hey y'all my name is PJ. I grew up in the States and now living in Australia [QLD] I was never passionate about beer until about a year ago. I kind of accidentally fell into a job working the bar for BrewDog. Say what you want about their beer[in my opinion there's plenty of hits and maybe a few misses], but their culture was amazing. It started with a two week introduction course to their beer and culture. Granted it was a new brewery so they had the time to sit all the staff down and teach us about why they were passionate about beer. It worked for me! I started to love it. Everyone that works for them has to get Cicerone certified beer server [CBS] and studying for that test showed me there was so much about beer to love and to learn. Needless to say when I got laid off right before this whole COVID thing I was a bit heartbroken. However it definitely didn't kill my passion for craft beer. So with all the extra time on my hands I started reading and watching videos. This has made my passion burn even brighter. Now I want to work in the beer industry, less behind the bar and more in the brewery, maybe even starting my own. We'll see! A few weeks ago I started my first official homebrew. I'm so excited to get started on this crazy journey. So glad to be a part of this amazing beery community

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