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Hi everyone, is anyone interested in attending a beer tasting in Richmond on Saturday the 28th May between 2-6pm?

Exact details are a little sketchy but from what I can gather it's an invitation-based event that will feature four beers from the Mildura Brewery. Word is they will have Cocktail Ale, a Weissbier, a lager of some description and 'something fruity'.

There will be some representatives from the brewery to chat to as well as a couple of gourmet journos etc. There'll be the obligatory canapes no doubt and if we're really lucky a speech or two.

It's being organised by some friends of mine who are trainee event managers, and I've been given the green light to invite half a dozen or so fellow beer fans who might appreciate the event and contribute to its general atmosphere, so the invitation is hereby extended. Dress code is smart casual.

I need to provide names and confirm numbers so let me know ASAP if you are interested (and will be able turn up on the day) and we'll take it from there...

hang on, i'm pretty keen, and so is a friend of mine. Will pm you this arvo. How many spots do you have left?
Hi all, I've got some more details:

Mildura Brewery Beer Tasting
@The Cherry Tree Hotel
28th May 2005
The Cherry Tree Hotel is holding an event to promote new boutique beers produced by the Mildura Brewery to their existing and new clientele around the Richmond and Melbourne areas.
Approx. four different types of beer -
Desert Lager
Kristall Weizen
Cod Tail Ale
Mallee Bull
will be available for tasting.
Don Carazza of Mildura Brewery will attend the event -and also
the Great Australian Chef from Mildura - Stefano de Pieri.
Great Raffle tickets are available for FREEby providing your name and email address to the Event Staff.

The crew looks like being:


I reckon we should probably meet somewhere close by at around 1ish to head over there by 2pm. The function runs until 6, and I'm sure we can amuse ourselves for a few hours afterwards if anyone's up for it!

Pls let me know ASAP if I've missed anyone or if there are any changes, and I'll be in touch this week to let everyone know when and where.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!
Sounds good.
It will be great to meet some Melbourne ahb members. And one ex Brisbanite. :)

I hope it doesn't matter that i'm a young bloke (20). I'm brewing AG and have a v. good knowledge of beer, i just dont look like it..
voota said:
I hope it doesn't matter that i'm a young bloke (20). I'm brewing AG and have a v. good knowledge of beer, i just dont look like it..

Wouldn't worry there Voota, I'm 20 as well. Remember, we add to the atmosphere.

No, really, I figure we're as valid a demographic as any other. My friends and I spend $$$ on decent beer every now and then, and then brew the rest ourselves. Get 'em while they're young, and all that.
Good point.. also Wortgames, can I bring a mate along if you have any spaces left.
Ok folks, so the final crew is:

Voota's mate
and hopefully Sosman if he can make it.

I have sent you all PMs with the details, let me know if you need any more info. Also, could you PM me back with your real names so I can put them on the door.

Should be good fun, and I'm sure we can entertain ourselves afterwards if anyone is up for it.

See you there!
I tried a few of mildura brewery beers a few weeks ago. I wouldn't rate the wheat, the heavy I tipped out halfway through, but the lager was quite pleasing.

I've been told they brewed a mean o'fest last year, too.
I think the heavy is the oktoberfest. According to ratebeer anyway
congrats to Neil (wortgames). 4 hours of free premium beers and food, washed down with a little creatures and pizza. Good to put some faces to names, great night had by all.
Yeah top points to wortgames for organising this.
Free Mildura Brewery beers for 4 hours. And all the beers were of excellent quality.
Up for drinking were the:
Desert Premium Lager. According to the tasting notes they use New Zealand Super Alpha and Couthern Cross.

Wheaty Wetsuit Warmer-Based on the Kristal Weizen filtered style.4.5%. Hallertau hops. Very bananery, you could get the aroma standing next to someone drinking it.

Night Porter-which was quite roasty and - according to the tasting notes they use three quarters French oak (chips I think) and one quarter American oak in the fermenter before pitching.

Mallee Bull - a heavier style ale brewed with Carapils, chocoalte and roast malt, EKG hops. 5.6%.

ThSun Light which is their light beer at 3% using Saaz.

And my favourite. The Cod Tail Ale, the hopheads delight. Using Amarillo hops at 50 IBU.
All in all a top afternoon.

Yep, thanks again Neil. Words just cannot describe the awesomeness of four hours of free beer.

Mildura Brewery do good work. I'd have to agree on the Cod Tail Ale, as I'm quite fond of an APA, but they were all very decent. Also, thought has been put in to create beers that stand out, not just half-arsed reproductions of something you could get from the megaswill breweries.

Much discussion was had, many crazy schemes articulated.
You guys are all far too perky if you ask me. I've just had breakfast :wacko:

Thanks for coming, I had a blast! It was good to meet you all.

The idea came up of a semi-regular (eg every other month) tasting session - I'd be happy to organise something like this if there was enough interest?

As for the Mildura beers, it was good to chat and share and stories with the brewer, as well as details such as ingredients and fermentation temps. They use Wyeast 2112 for almost all of their brews, which they get a litre at a time (from Grain and Grape no less!). They keg their slurry and use for 10-12 generations before replacing.

I'm not really a hop-head and I find many microbrews tend to overdo it for my taste, so I was pleasantly surprised by the restrained hop character of the Desert Lager (their 'entry-level' blonde steam beer) which despite being aimed squarely at the mass maket had some subtle complexity (including an interesting almond note). Similarly the Mallee Bull made very easy drinking, being a sweetish, chewy ale with a stealthy 5.6%. It was my fave and the first to run dry (coincidence? I wonder). The Sun Light was a surprisingly good drop too IMO, very nicely balanced and a quality 'Pilsner' in its own right despite its 3.0%.

Less popular with me were the Night Porter - seriously roasty, fuggly, and dry on the palate, and somewhat reminiscent of a burnt stout or southern brown ale; the Kristal Weizen (the banana bubblegum aroma of which, as Johhno pointed out, you could smell at 20 paces) and finally the Cod Tail Ale - the Alpha Acid king of the pack - which was way too much for me but a hit with the hopheads in the crew.
Sorry I couldn't make it guys. Sounds like a top session.
Fantastic afternoon, all the beers we tried were great I reckon. My favourite ended up being the Night Porter, I loved the extra roast flavour and the fuggles. Apparently French and American oak were added to it, I couldn't pick it though.

As for a semi-regular tasting session, I'm keen.