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i have a medium size fridge i would be pushing it to get 1 or 2 kegs in their i doubt with connections they will fit
does anyone know how i can hook up a small jokey box that will do 3 kegs
its a dedicated fridge just for my beer so i can have it turned up to a real cold temp and it freezes water if up to high

ill go over my thoughts i was thinking something like coiling beer line about the thickness of a tennis ball. using zip ties to hold it in place and submerging that in water in some kind of container nice and cheap on a tight budget well will be after i get these kegs and accessory's anyway

my problem is that i don't know how many feet or just use 1m of coiled beer line once i get a keg and fill it about 2 weeks. im thinking of just trying it and seeing how it goes i can pick up the line for like 3 - 5 bucks and that will be 3m witch would be more than enough for 1 keg to see if it works.
as i said i can dial down the fridge fairly cold if the water is close to freezing point. i don't think that will freeze beer if anyone knows for sure can you confirm if im right or wrong
would anyone know the best amount of coiling would be best suited for the job