Mashing Pale/brown/amber Grists

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I couldn't find the topic where this was discussed last week.

Today I mashed a grist of 1/3 each JW Pils, brown malt and amber malt.

Since the last two malts have no or little diastatic power there was doubt that such a mash was possible. I mashed half a kilo of each in my slowcooker, stuffed up the temp so the mash spent a few minutes near 70C, cooled it down to 62, then went a way for a couple of hours.

When i came back the mash was at about 51C.

Eagerly I scooped a little bit of the wort, added a bit of iodine AND IT DIDN'T CHANGE COLOR!

Woohoo! A 1/3 each pale/brown/amber grist DOES convert fully. A porter from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries is indeed possible to clone with Oz lager malts.

I will still load the odds a bit in my favor, replacing some of the brown with smoked malt.

Thank you Darren for suggesting that the mash would work.

Will be brewing the Brakspear Porter Extra recipe from 1810 soon, using the combined Thames Valley yeasts

Jovial Monk


darn, I wish I had measured OG. This pilot (3 x .5Kg) mash was just to test for conversion.

Let you know a bit later when I have done a full scale mash


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