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First a wee apology -- I've been absent without brewing for awhile and have the following --

Empty kegs --

Empty gas bottle [CO2 and LPG]

and a resonable thirst.

Mash Paddle.

The closing date for all Mash Paddle entries is the 1st of October 2005. Your beers must be in the hands of the organiser by or before that date.

All entries must now be sent to this address [or delivered by hand if you live in Adelaide]

A.R. Black and Co.
67 Nelson St.
S.A. 5069.

Dowload an entry form off the ANAWBS site and mark it as MASH PADDLE. Complete all other details. Registration numbers are not needed now as this entry form will be the means bt which your beer is recognised.

For this year only fees for entering this beer [the Mash Paddle] have been waived.

Remember to complete all the details name etc.

I apologise for any confusion I've caused but it will be an excellent competition so please if you haven't finished your beer get to and do so.

Any other questions could you direct them to either Wee Stu or myself.


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