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Caulfield north. Melbourne
For sale:

1 x new march pump.

I bought it from G&G then used it once running water through it to test it and then once during a brew. At the time I had a makeshift collection of pots but I got one of these brewstands: and don't need it anymore.

It's not got a mark on it, completely clean and undamaged. I have the instructions that came with it in my files somewhere - I saw them at the weekend.

Postage works out online @ around the $12 area for melb-syd regular mail - if you're interested let me know your postcode and I'll get it checked out exactly.

I'm looking for $190 for it + whatever the postage is. If you're around Melbourne you can pick it up from Caulfield in the evening or Dandenong South during the week... band transfer or paypal - paypal is my preferred choice then the cash stays out of the evil clutches of SWMBO and can be spent on some brewing gear on ebay ;-)



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