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Mangrove Jacks APA Recipe no 15 surprise packet

Discussion in 'General Brewing Techniques' started by Papad, 14/6/19.


  1. Papad

    New Member

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    Posted 14/6/19
    Hey there

    I've just cracked my MJ APA no 15 brew and I got a bit of a surprise. The packet said it would be:

    'Crisp and dry, bursting with tropical fruit aromas. Great balance between complex fruit and malt tones, followed by an intense bitterness.'

    I've found it to be more like a ruby porter style beer: deep brown/red in colour, malty with a bit of fruit and spice. Definitely not tropical. I've done a few APA's now and was quite surprised at this one. Not what I was expecting. Maybe they put the wrong extract in this pouch?

    The fermentation when smoothly and there were no hang ups anywhere.

    It's a nice drop and I'll polish it off no worries - just wondering if anyone else has had experience with this product (see link below).


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