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Doctor's Orders Brewing
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I guess the equivalent would be turning up to an AHB brewday with VB :lol:


Stabbed over wrong beer
Saturday, 7 May 2005

A BRICKLAYER stabbed a man 14 times in the upper body after he returned to a barbecue with the wrong type of beer, a court heard yesterday.

Gary Raymond Steele received wounds to his shoulder, chest, stomach and back in the bloody attack at Bealiba, near Dunolly, on August 8, last year.

The 37-year-old was flown to the Alfred Hospital, where he underwent surgery for a punctured lung.

He now has trouble sleeping, dreams about the stabbing and is "more afraid of people".

Simon James Laird, 33, of Mount Rd, Bealiba, yesterday pleaded guilty in the County Court at Ballarat to one count of recklessly causing serious injury.

Crown prosecutor Lorne Walker-Nolan told the court Laird and Mr Steele were at a barbecue in Walton Rd, Bealiba, when they became involved in an altercation about 10.30pm.

He said Laird accused the victim of taking too long to buy a slab of beer and was upset that he had bought stubbies instead of cans.

Mr Walker-Nolan said Laird bent Mr Steele's fingers backwards, causing him extreme pain.

Mr Steele then punched Laird in the face, knocking him from his chair, before dragging him outside by the hair.

The men then wrestled on the ground, during which time Mr Steele was stabbed 14 times in the upper body with a pocket knife.

Laird then fled the scene, apologising to his bleeding victim as he left.

Defence lawyer Scott Belcher told the court his client was drinking heavily at the time of the offence and leading a "pretty ordinary" life.

But Mr Belcher said Laird had since kicked his alcohol habit and started his own bricklaying business.

Laird's mother Ruth Ralph said her son had felt threatened by Mr Steele and deeply regretted the incident, which left him with a broken nose and injured collarbone.

She said Laird had turned to alcohol after the tragic death of his father in 2002, but wanted to change his ways for his young son.

Community correctional services officer Geoffrey Pollock said Laird had been placed on a 12-month community based order last September for a separate assault and had complied with every condition.

He said the report from Laird's counsellor was "one of the best" he had received in his two years on the job and said immediate jail would have a "very negative" impact on his progress.

But Mr Nolan-Walker called for an immediate jail sentence, saying Laird inflicted a "large number of wounds" on the victim.

"The fact that he was armed with a knife at a barbecue is a cause for concern," he said.

Judge Julie Nicholson adjourned the matter for a further plea on May 26. Laird is on bail.


Beer In Here
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Stubbies instead of cans..!~

Makes me wild just thinking about it... haha


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Hmm, I can kind of understand it if it was cans instead of stubbies, and a pardon would certainly be in order if it was VB instead of Coopers :p

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