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Hi all,

Have brewed my first Neipa which has come out very nice and would like some clarification on the best method for transferring with minimal oxygen so not to ruin it in the keg. So far I have always done the full stellarsan mix in my kegs and pushed it out with co2 before pressure transferring my beer but have read some stuff on here about it not being the most effective way of reducing oxygen. I purchased some Campden tablets yesterday and just wanted to make sure I had the process right. I am planning on cleaning my kegs as per usual and spraying with stellarsan to sanitize. Then fill both kegs with boiling water and add half a Campden tablet to each.
Questions I have are
1 - do I need to sanitize if I'm filling with boiling water.

2 - do I add the Campden tablet to the boiling water or allow it to cool first and do I need to crush them first.

3 - does the keg need to vent to release the oxygen or do I close it completely And add some co2 pressure to allow for the negative pressure from the cooling water.

4 - how long does it take for the campden to do its job and can I in future clean my kegs and add boiling water and campden and leave them to sit for a few days to a week before pushing out the solution with co2 to fill with beer.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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How fast Met absorbs Oxygen is a function of Temperature (faster hotter) how much met and O2 there is to react and time. If its hot and you have enough Met the take up of O2 and Cl is going to be a matter of minutes.
You could easily jumper the hot Met water into a second keg, give it a good shape and send that to a third...
Provided there is enough Met in at the start, we do something similar with commercial kegs each one has a bit of Met and water (~1.5L) put in before we start

I would clean the keg thoroughly, sanatise, fill with hot water (not necessary to use boiling Hot tap would do), add 1/2 a Campden tablet (or met by weight), connect to CO2 and leave to cool overnight.
Before use, bow out the water, connect to fermenter and fill.

But there are going to be a bunch of ways to get to the same place by different route.
Personally I don't want StarSan foam in my beer, not wanting to add much Met either, so make sure the dip tube goes right to the bottom blow out the Corny keg, wait 5 minutes and give it another blast.

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