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Looking For Some Paint Colours At The Next Westgate Meeting

Discussion in 'Westgate Brewers' started by geoffd, 4/11/11.


  1. geoffd

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    Posted 4/11/11
    Hi guys, if anyone has any spare outdoor paint I'm looking for small amounts of a few different colours to draw some flowers, paw prints & stuff on the little one's junior masterbrewster shed (aka cubby house). I already have bought red, & had white as the base colour, but at $10 a tin for the smallest tins, I aint going to draw a rainbow.

    anyone wants the left over paint when I'm done is welcome to it. I will have nearly a litre of white (water based) & most of a 250ml cherry red gloss enamel acrylic (also water based), so can be mixed to make pink.

    Not fussed if i get oil or water based, I'll use whatever comes to hand & only need the dregs of the tins.

    just bring to the next meeting unless you're going my way, in which case welcome to look at the brew shed that's finally up & running. got christened on Tuesday, the 7 month drough has broken :)

    And before someone says it, yes I know I need to make a hand rail.

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