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I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday monday :D Even though the weather, in Sydney atleast, isn't too crash hot. I'm sure there will be a couple of sore heads after the grand final last night as well! It was a great game and good to see the Panthers come through with the win.

I have posted and pinned a new thread in "The Pub" as I am trying to collect a fairly comprhensive Australia Beer Brand/Name listing - it will be used on a little section on the new version of the website. As I have mentioned in the thread, please post any links or actual names/brands in the thread and I can start to compile them.

As the title suggests, I have begun working on a AussieHomeBrewer V2. I still have A LOT of work to do but it is starting to come together. Please reply with any features or suggestions that you have and I will look at including them. Once finished hopefully the site will be a little more than just a straight forum.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and drive safely - double points remember!

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