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I have added a new Web Links section to the board. The plan is to build a large and usefull link database to help direct people in the right direction.

The beauty of this system is that member can add their own links directly to the board (I will still need to validate them just so there is so control there) but hopefully it will mean that we can have a fairly extensive list up and running shortly.

The code was a little flaky at the start but I seem to have got things all sorted now - as usualy please PM or email me if you have any problems. It is pretty straight forward to use and it can be access from the LINKS section to the left.

I will be adding some new Categories to the module now, so basically when you post your link just select where you want it to go (ie. Retailers -> NSW or Recipe Related Sites, etc). When filling out the section try to include some brief but informative info for the link (suburb for retailers might be an idea).

If you feel we need a new Catergory let me know and I will add. I get an email when you submit a link so it shouldn;t be too long before you see it live.

UPDATE - Having a couple of problems with the WEBLINKS section atm - I will remove the link from the Menu until everything is sorted. Sorry.

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