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I found this one elsewhere on the internet. Well worth the effort

A good quality lager kit, such as Bacchus & Barley, My Brew, ESB , Goldrush or Black Rock.
500 gms Light Malt Extract
500 gms Wheat Malt Extract
250 gms Light Honey
15 gms Dried Coriander Seed
6 limes
1. Grate the green part (only no white pith) from the limes and juice them.
2. Crack the coriander seed roughly with a rolling pin or a bottle if you havent got a mortar and pestle.
3. Boil the seeds and the peel in a muslin bag in the lime juice and the honey for a few minutes to sterilize them.
4. Make up the brew as usual and add the boiled ingredients to the fermenter.
5. A few days before you bottle or keg the beer, remove the muslin bag.
6. The alcohol content is around 5.3% but this is standard for the style (Belgian).
This beer matures fairly quickly and goes very well with Thai food.
You could use a wheat beer kit instead of the lager, which would add a little sweetness to the beer.
Avoid eucalyptus honeys because, once the fermentable sugars have been fermented, you are left with a distinct eucalyptus taste its a bit like drinking Marthas Wool Wash.
If you can use a better quality yeast than the one under the lid of the can, do so. A suitable alternative would be Wyeast #3944 Belgian Witbier yeast.


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