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Lorenzo B

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Hi All,
I started my interest after going on a Beer Trips tour through Czech and Bavarian breweries in 2016. I visited and experience great beers from Pilsner Urquell, Zatac, small brewery in Eck, Scheider Weiss and my favourite of all, U Flecku dark lager.
So this year I started researching home brewing and bought a BIAB kit and a Fermentasaurus. I have a vertical freezer with a temp controller.
To date I have brewer a Bohemian Pilsner in which I made a mistake which made the final product very weak tasting. But i was happy with the clarity.
I have brewed a Munich Helles lager 4 days ago which is sitting in the freezer at 12 deg C. The plan is to keep it at this temp for approx 12 days when i will check the SG. If target SG is achieved them i will raise the temp to 16 degs and then drop it daily to 3 degrees where it will lager for another 4 weeks.
I'll force carbonate it and then bottle.

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