Kvass..russian Style Bread "beer"

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Ash in Perth

Barrow Boys Brewing
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This kind of thing really interests me, I'd also love to hear how it turned out.

I wonder how close this was to what the first types of 'beer' were like?

With time not always being on my side, I like to do mini mashes on the stove and the like to play around with strange traditional style recipes.


I had lotsa barrels on the old AHB..
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Melbourn's West
How did it turn out ?
It had stopped bubbling by Saturday night..so I popped into the fridge to drop out a bit more of the yeast that was in suspension...
Well I took it along to Westgate Brewers meeting , last Sunday and was greeted with horror from the brewer hood . "hey ! We are a brew club " I said and they all took a step back and agreed to give it a try...
It looked pretty scary in the glass , small bubbles and the odd raisin floating in it..
Barry , the club whipping boy , declared it shit and tipped it...
I put my glass to my mouth and took a big sip...
Strong Rye taste IMHO , slightly salty ( no salt added ) . The 100g of sugar was not evident at all in any sweetness.The mouth feel was also medium with some perceived slickness . The raisins had also lost all of their flavor and were just like little bloated pillows of nothing lol .
One club member loved it and asked for recipe..he wants to make 20 litres of it....
Would I make it again ? Probably not but it was a fun and easy experiment and a good insight into how you can make a "mash" using bread and end up with a very slightly alcoholic drink ...
Maybe if I did it again , I'd make the Russian style summer soup that this "beer" forms the base of..