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Kettle, Mash Tun, Spiral Burner &HP Reg

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by pimpsqueak, 22/1/20.


  1. pimpsqueak


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    Posted 22/1/20
    Finally got the Braumeister up and running, so time to sell off some of my trusty gear.

    Kettle, Aluminium 47L Max capacity, fitted with 1pc ball valve and blanked off sight glass elbow, boils 40L comfortably : $40

    Esky Mash Tun, 36L max volume, lid sealed with neoprene, comes with BeerBelly stainless false bottom (and a bottle opener on the side. of the esky, not on the side of the false bottom) :$75

    Italian Spiral Burner : $60

    High Pressure LPG Regulator : $40

    Pick up only. I’m in Berowra Heights NSW and work in Hornsby, so can potentially drop off within a reasonable distance.

    I’m open to reasonable offers if you’re after more than 1 item.

    Might even rustle up a few extra bits and pieces for free if someone takes the lot...

    Pics form part of the description....

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