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Keggle for sale - Brisbane Murrumba Downs area

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by MichaelM, 11/5/18.


  1. MichaelM

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    Posted 11/5/18
    I'm selling a keggle I no longer use. It has a a 2200w element with an Australian 3pin plug and a thermowell - useful if you want to heat hot water.

    There is a 20mm hole for a tap which is not included.

    The hole on top accommodates a large lid(big w large pot lid)

    I've had to patch a hole for a previous element that failed. I used food grade silicone and a piece of the keg top to do this-no leaks to date.

    Asking price $70 20180511_111415.jpeg 20180511_111408.jpeg 20180511_111424.jpeg 20180511_111514.jpeg 2018-05-11%2012.33.36.jpeg

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