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Kegging Gear

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Hi all,

I am getting back into selling Kegging Gear..

I currently have the following for sale:
1 x Lancer pulldown reconditioned Tap with snap lock fitting, fridge extension and beer line nipple...$80.00
1 x twist Tap with snap lock fitting - 2nd hand only tested - not rekitted. 50.00
1 x single chrome font with snap lock fitting for tap - 65.00
Will sell font and twist tap as package for 110.00 or font and pulldown tap for 135.00.

ALso have gas keg outside the fridge kits for 55.00 ea - have gas line, ss t piece, ball valve, nipples and liquid disconect.

I can also get the following:
1 x 4 tier font - chrome fonts
3 x 3 tier font - chrome fonts
21 x single fonts - chrome fonts.
reconditioned taps to suit fonts and or fridges etc...
Can get line added to the fonts as well.

Also the following Drip Trays:
2 x S/S (good ones) drip trays 560 x 230
2 x Old speckled hen drip trays 400 x 220 - plastic base with SS hole inset.

Freight extra.

Pm me for all enquiries/prices.


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hey ken,

how much are you charging for the S/S drip tray, because after receiving the font from you (absolutly stoked!!! 3 tier, i highly recommend to anyone) i fount the drip tray i have is not long enough. So if you like i could do you a partial trade, if you have any use for a small one, other wise i would be interested in buying one off you.

thanks mate.

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