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Keg system: Flat first beer

Discussion in 'Gear and Equipment' started by Dominator, 13/8/19.


  1. Dominator

    New Member

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    Posted 13/8/19
    Hi brewer's,

    I have a kegerator system and I find my first beer for the day is always flat then the 2nd is better and from there they are fine. I have approx 2.5m of 6mm silicone hose from my 19L keg to my tap (forward sealing). Keg pressure is sitting at approx 10-12psi.
    Has anyone else had this happen?
  2. FarsideOfCrazy

    Well-Known Member

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    Posted 14/8/19
    It could be the silicone line has too much gas transfer through the wall. I haven't seen silicone tube used for beer line, not sure of the burst pressure rating.

    Most beer/ gas line is doubled walled to help prevent gas loss. I've used valpar, KK, some stuuf I got from a member here who is a installer of beverage equipment and some KL stuff. The KK line was not very good, quite stiff and didn't seal very well with my JG fittings.. the valpar was good but expensive. The line i got from the member was nice and flexible and didn't have a problem sealing with JG fittings. The KL line was just like the line from the member.
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