Keezzer & Collar Or Fridge & Through The Door ?

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I am wanting to upgrade from my two keg one tap keg king kegorator

I think i want the fridge (400L) four taps through door rather than a Keezer

so i can then use the freezer in said fridge to store hops and stuff.
fridge can also hold excess wine etc from household fridge.
it also removes hops from household fridges freezer

i have the taps and most of the shanks for the fridge set up or collar (but no font)

but i am not sure if a keezer would be better (but i cannot run anther freezer for storage)
fridge will pretty much cost nothing and in the end all gear could be removed etc
freezer would highly likely to cost some $$

what should i do (and why) ?
i am hopeless at making decisions / commitments and could procrastinate for years..... unless forced...

thanks for opinions


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Use what you have and save your money for other areas of your setup?

I've had both and prefer a Keezer, I just find it easier having top-down access than having to do the keg shuffle with a fridge but that's hardly a compelling reason. I passed my original fridge/freezer set-up on but have a $50 eBay fridge for fermenting.
I also have more space in the keezer - 6 kegs if I want, though mainly just have 4 on the go.
I use a collar with shanks through that, not particularly interested in fonts myself but that's just me.

I keep the hops vacuum sealed, along with slants etc. in the keezer.

Based on what you say, I can't see a compelling reason to buy a chest freezer, but don't let me stop you :)

*My freezer cost me the best part of $300 but was new. Bonus is built in temperature control and wheels.
I couldn't source a second-hand one at the time. The collar was less than $50 to make anyway, including a tin of blackboard paint for the front.
I don't think a separate chest freezer is worth it just for storage purposes, unless you have some other storage needs - body parts, cane toads, etc. or a metric ton of hops.


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Hey Leeham,
The storage factor makes the FF more attractive imo - having hops etc keezer is a PITA long term unless you want a 400 ltr freezer which has a huge footprint. I got sick of the storage hassle in the end and bought a bar freezer.

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