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Beer Soaked Philosopher
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Well the year is slipping by and no Iron Brewer events. Tim Thomas would be rolling in his grave if he were dead. It is probably too late to organise one for Big Brew Day, but we should look ahead to August and The Beyond Pale event (formally known as Stoutfest).

I have been thinking seriously for all of thirty seconds about IB and how it has evolved. I like the idea that every Summerfest should have a fruit theme (yes, I did say fruit) which will kind of simplify things. It seems you cads like fruit beers, so why not enshrine them on the hottest event of the yea.

Big Brew Day has its own itineries so I suggest no IB then. The same with Les' RAF. Both these days should have Case swaps but no Iron Brewer.

So, in anticipation of ridicule and derision, I am declaring the Iron Brewer to be a twice a year event.

And the theme for winter is DARK and STORMY.

So, any beer darker than dark amber is allowable .. it doesn't have to taste roasty. Any strength you want ..mild to triple imperial. Start planning now.

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