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Hi,to celebrate hitting 10,000 likes and followers on our inkbird Australia page we are doing a HUGE giveaway (5 winners) on Inkbird Australia page. All inkbird products including thermostats ,hygrometers, bbq thermometers etc. are open to give away. Whats more, we offer great deals to thank you for your supports. If you are interested,please go for it. Good luck everyone !
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Wifi IBBQ-4T+Case AU$99.71
Inkbird BBQ Meat Thermometer WIFI Rechargeable 2000mAh + Carrying Case Storage 705495126944 | eBay
Fast Read ITH-1P+Case AU$34.99
Inkbird Rechargeable BBQ Thermometer Pen IHT-1P Instant Read + Storage Case Bag 705495126944 | eBay
Vacuum Sealer AU$69.74
Vacuum Food Sealer Machine Built-in Cutter Dry Moist Automatic Sealing Stainless | eBay
Sous Vide Cooker 2nd Generation ISV-200 AU$93.47
Inkbird Culinary Sous Vide WIFI Precision Cooker Immersion Circulator ISV-200W 705495126937 | eBay
ITC-308 WIFI AU$52.49
Inkbird New Temp Controller √ ITC-308 Updated Version √ Support WIFI √ 2400W √ | eBay