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I haven't been on the site much. Had a bit of real life stuff to deal with.

I'm in the process of moving house atm and have been finishing my course (and now have to work on my final major work) so I haven't had alot of time to spend on the site.

I know I have recieved a couple of PM's and email or to from some of you asking if you can help out or enquiring about gallery/recipe DB progress.

I hopefully can spend some time to both these thing soon and get them up and running.

I will give some updates on the progress as it comes to hand.

Gallery will be done first, and then beer DB.

Stay tuned.

And i noticed we are well over 1000 members now - getting quite busy in here.

Also, due to the house move the whole merchandise issue has been put on hold for a bit (due to lack of room, shared accomodation etc.) I may revisit this at a laster stage however.

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