Icemaster G40 in QLD garage?

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Hi All,

Is anyone using an Icemaster G40 (or similar) to cool their fermenter in QLD? I asked a similar question a while back while I was still trying to decide on a few new bits and pieces, but I have most of my new gear and the only remaining factor is temperature control so I thought I'd start a new thread dedicated to the temp control components. I'm pretty well aware of the options I have for setting up an old fridge, and do that currently at a smaller scale with a small 3.5 Gal Ss Brewbucket that just fits in my little bar fridge setup. My new FV is a 7 Gal Ss Unitank with leg extensions so I need to upscale my temp control setup.

Space is an issue so I would REALLY like to go with an external glycol/icebank system, but only if it's practical in a reasonably hot QLD (Gold Coast) garage. The garage is thankfully south facing, but does cop a bit of afternoon sun so it does get pretty toasty at times. Information seems to be pretty hard to come by with regards to operating these chillers in hot ambient temps like this, so I'd love to hear from anyone that has a similar setup. Of course I'm mainly after positive feedback :) but negative is good too. I would expect a glycol system to cycle on and off more than a fridge setup, but I don't think I'd be too happy if it had to run constantly to maintain temps.

I think the Icemaster chillers are designed to cool much more than a 5 gallon batch, so I suppose my main concern is more about how much the chiller has to run to maintain it's own set temp rather than keeping the FV at it's set temp. I'd also expect maintaining 18 degrees during active ferment to be kind of OK, but maintaining crash cooling temps is where it might be a different story. Are they correct assumptions?

The Unitanks come with an inbuilt immersion coil similar to the Brewbucket optional cooling system, and also has a wet suit material insulation jacket. I would need the Ss Brewtech FTSs2 Chilling and Heating kit too, but that's fine. The garage gets cold in winter, so I do need heating as well.

I'm not overly handy and don't have a lot of spare time, so converting an old air-con unit into a glycol system is not really a practical option for me.


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I'm not in QLD, but I have a shed that gets extremely hot in summer and very cold in winter in VIC. I've built an insulated room inside the shed that stays cool in summer and can easily be heated with a space heater in winter.

I'm will be using the G40 with 2 50L fermentors at the same time. I'm planning to fire it up over the holidays and run it through its courses. I've been way to busy to brew lately.

You can check it out here: