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Hi There, could possibly be very much user error but I have purchased an Ice Master G40 for my BBQ Kitchen to run a couple of Kegs of beer on. I’m not making my own beer so simply want to use the machine to cool beer through to my tap.

My issue (and it most likely is me not the machine) is that I have plugged it directly into the PowerPoint and this has automatically started the water out to be pumped out and then back into the tank.This continues but I am unable to turn on the thermometer to cool the tank of water down, I have tried the green button on and the red “main power” button on but nothing works to bring the screen on for me to set the temp.
I don’t have any beer lines set up yet on the machine but I would doubt that would make the temperature controller work.

I would appreciate if anyone could help me out with some tips as I was hoping to get it all set up this weekend but nothing is cooling down!

Thanks in advance

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