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Gday guys,

I am getting into extract and partial mash brewing at the moment and was looking for some help in how to read recipes.

I'm looking at JSB's Big animal pale ale, as I've heard it tastes like LCPA which is a tasty drop...

The recipe is below:

Beer's Name: Big Animal Pale Ale
Style: Ale (American Pale Ale)
Original Gravity: 1.055
Final Gravity: 1.013
Alcohol content: 5.47%
Calories (per 12 oz.): 182
Total IBU (Bitterness): 39.6
SRM (color): 7
File Links: Promash File

Ingredients: (portions for a 23 L batch) (Partial Mash)
2 kg JMW Traditional Ale malt All grain
2 kg Coopers LME - Light All grain
0.5 kg JWM Light Munich Extract
0.3 kg Hoepfner Wheat Malt Light Extract
0.25 kg IMC Munich Malt All grain
15 g Chinook (pellet 12 % AA) Boil time 60 min.
20 g Cascade (pellet 5 % AA) Boil time 60 min.
10 g Cascade (pellet 5 % AA) Boil time 45 min.
10 g Cascade (pellet 5 % AA) Boil time 5 min.
10 g Cascade (pellet 5 % AA) Boil time 1 min.
15 g Cascade (pellet 5 % AA) Boil time 0 min.
1 g Wyeast 1056 American Ale Yeast (Ideal ferm. temp: 16-22C)
1 tablet Whirfloc
Directions: Mashed at 64deg for 60min

Primary 5 days, Secondary 5 weeks, Bottle 2 weeks.
0min = Dry hopped 15grm plug cascade at week 3

56IBUs promash calc

So, are some basic instructions for this:
Get the all the grain together (ie 2kg of JMW T.A, 0.5kg JMW L.M, 0.3kg Hoepfner W. and 0.25kg IMC malt) and soak in water at a const 64deg for 60min.

Then pour water (how much?) through this through a colander to sparge the sugar out.

Boil the result for 60 min adding hops at various times.

When is the LME added? When add whirlfloc tab?

Mix in fermenter as usual, ferment for 5 days.
Secondary fermentation, does this have to be in CC? Adding hops at week 3, do you boil them up then add water/hop mix, or just chuck the plugs in?

These questions may seem a bit silly, but help would be great!



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my interpretation.

use about 2:1 for the water, so you've got roughly 3.5 kg of grain, so look at about 7L of water to rinse.

me, i would add the LME with 10mins to go in the boil and the same for the whirlfloc tablet.

you could CC, i guess thats up to you. with hops, some people boil them for 5-10min to kill anything in them. some people don't care as hops are a natural preservative. do what you feel happiest with. me i'll just chuck them :)


add LME and any sugars to 2L wort off the heat, stir tillthey are dissolved, add back to main wort.

Jovial Monk

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